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Bees pollinate one third of the worlds crops and are an essential part of the ecosystem as well as the agricultural economy. Without the help of honey bees many familiar foods would disappear.

Honey bees can be part of your business too, by providing a talking point, improving your eco-credentials and providing novel incentives for staff or clients. All you have to do is get in touch about providing an apiary site for one or more hives.
We will identify an appropriate site with you, whether it is on your roof or in your grounds, and look after the bees for you.
We currently have apiaries on various golf courses, at businesses in Fareham and in Southampton city centre. Your office block, hotel grounds or fields could be next.

What’s in it for you?
You have the pleasure of seeing honey bees every day.
You can use them to promote your corporate social responsibility and enhance sustainability targets.
You make an environmental impact from the day they arrive.
You can brand the hive if you wish.
You get a share of the honey they produce, to use as corporate gifts and you will have the option to buy more if you wish.
You can offer a novel training opportunity to staff or clients with our help.

What’s in it for us?
We own the bees, but don’t have to keep all of them at home!
We keep any honey and hive products you do not want.
We can provide additional services such as corporate training experiences.
We help maintain biodiversity in our local area.
We can increase the number of pollinating insects in the environment.
We can increase knowledge of these fascinating creatures in the community.
We get to meet lots of lovely people.

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