About us

Tony started his career as a secondary school science teacher, first in London then in Hampshire. He started beekeeping about 12 years ago with the intention of “only having a couple of hives”. The passion has grown. As a member of Meridian Beekeepers, he started teaching novice beekeepers the art and the science, both in the classroom and the apiary.
Now Tony combines his 30 years of teaching skills with his knowledge of bees, beekeeping and ecology to help others get the passion too. As well as offering hive adoption to businesses, Tony can help with setting up an apiary, training staff, giving lectures and bee experiences to young and old alike. He also helps with deliveries to local stockists occasionally!

Ailia still works full time in IT, but has been known to make frames, find queens, collect swarms, supervise wax rendering and do inspections when the season gets busy. She also does all the back room jobs, jarring, labelling, packaging and marketing.
As a keen gardener and photographer she provides most of the images you get to see on our website, twitter feed and at talks and can also advise on planting for bees. Ailia can also provide evening talks.

“Bee” (age 10) is our secret weapon. Not only does he get involved in hive construction and inspections, he is also our swarm whisperer (calming the anxious onlookers, not the swarm) and is great at communicating his extensive knowledge of bees and beekeeping to both children and adults.

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