Hampshire Honey

Our Hampshire Honey is produced in a sustainable and chemical free way. The flavour, colour and texture changes throughout the year, entirely dependent on the flowers our honeybees forage on and their apiary location. Our honey has been described as fruity, like caramel, creamy and even delicate, depending on the batch. All our honey is traceable to a specific apiary and sometimes to a particular hive. Once extracted, we only cold filter our honey, so it keeps not just it’s taste, but also all the benefits you expect from a sustainably produced ‘raw’ product.

As well as our plain honey, we also produce some limited edition infused honeys for the winter.

A little Taste of Hampshire Honey 114g

Perfect for gift hampers or just saying thank you. Also fits our heart gift box perfectly!

Hampshire Honey 454g

For the true honey addict, our 454g jar should last that little bit longer, but just one more spoonful won’t be noticed, will it?

Hampshire Honey 227g

Our honey varies from one batch to the next. It could be pale and runny or dark and naturally set. We let the bees decide!

A little Taste of Infused Honey 114g

Choose from our lemon, ginger, chilli or taste of Christmas varieties. A combination of our Hampshire Honey, natural flavour and nothing else. A multitude of uses from toddys to baking to glazing meats or vegetables. Try carrots drizzled in the orange or chilli, the lemon in buttercreams or a taste of Christmas over hot porridge.

Hampshire Honey 340g

Becoming our most popular size..

Hampshire Chunk Honey 227g

A chunk of our own honeycomb bathed in our Hampshire Honey. Sometimes we mix it up and use 2 different flavours of our honey for a surprise! Delicious melted into hot toast or an indulgent crumpet. Or just spoon it from the jar, we won’t tell anyone…

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