Beeswax products

We only use the beeswax produced by our own colonies. This way, we can be sure it does not contain any chemical additives. It is cleaned and filtered before being turned into a range of naturally scented products.

Beeswax is produced by the honeybee to build the honeycomb used for brood and to store food. They have to collect nectar and convert it into 3kg of honey to produce just 1kg of beeswax, so we don’t like to waste their hard work. As with honey, the colour varies depending on the forage and the bees themselves, from dandelion yellow through to pure white.

Beeswax produces a slow burning, air-purifying, smokeless candle with a bright flame – something those medieval monks knew all about. It also has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and nourishes and protects natural materials such as leather and wood.

Our handmade candles are un-scented (apart from the rich honey undertones found in pure beeswax) and have wax-dipped wicks to give a consistent slow-burning light. Our polishes are made with only natural ingredients and have a multitude of uses and don’t forget our Toe and Nose Balm for animals large and small.

Pure Beeswax Polish 100g

A multitude of uses from nourishing leather and wooden furniture to shining shoes. 100% recyclable or compostable container.

Christmas collection

Add a festive touch with our Winter selection – a warm glow and natural scent of honey. Gift bag with 2 snowmen and a Christmas tree available, or how about 2 snowmen or a small pinecone in one of our little boxes of love?

Honeycomb and bee candle

Our best seller! Approximately 10cm tall of our 100% Hampshire beeswax. As well as smelling amazing , beeswax candles help remove toxins in the air, burn longer than paraffin or soy based candles, are smoke and soot free and burn brighter too. Suitable for anyone with allergies as they are chemical free and biodegradeable.

Show your love

Rose and heart shaped candles, perfect for Birthdays, Valentines, Mother’s Day or just to show you care. All our own 100% Hampshire Beeswax. Natural scent and colour. Can be gift boxed in a heart topped cube box, nestled in tissue paper.


Great for Easter, or just for fun. Delicious scent and doesn’t need feeding!

Little Ted and Bunny

Who can resist these bundles of cuteness? Also fit the Little box of love.

Toes & Nose Balm 70g

A soothing blend of beeswax, natural oils and a calming lavender fragrance in a convenient push up stick. Use to sooth sore pads, dry noses, cracked wattles, sunburnt ears or mild skin conditions in animals. All natural ingredients, non-toxic to dogs, cats, horses and chickens! 100% recyclable or compostable container.

“Your ointment for the dogs is working wonders on my neighbours dogs feet. They are very impressed.”

Large pinecone and small skep with bees

Pinecones are not just for Christmas. You can enjoy their natural form all year around. Approx 7cm high.

The skep was the traditional home for honeybees before the more familiar wooden hives we now use. Usually made from straw, reed or bramble stems, but these candles are 100% pure beeswax and are just 4.5cm high.

Gift boxes

This little box of love is suitable for gifting one or more of our smaller candles and we leave it plain, so you can personalise if you wish. Compostable. Includes tissue paper or add a small beeswax wrap instead for a little extra treat.

Larger gift boxes and carriers are also available to make mini hampers of our products.


This cuddly sheep and her lambs make a great topper for a birthday cake. Create your own pure beeswax flock.

Candle gift ideas

Many of our smaller candles will fit in the Little box of love, carefully wrapped in your choice of tissue paper – many colours and designs available. Perfect for celebrations, a thank you or thinking of you.

Beeswax food wraps

Our food wraps are made from 100% cotton in an ever changing range of colourful fabrics, with our own pure Hampshire beeswax and natural oils. Can be refreshed or composted when worn out. Everything from mug huggers to cover liquids, to our XL size big enough to wrap a loaf of your favourite artisan bread!

Hedgehog, bear with skep and small pinecone

Votive size candles make lovely thank you gifts or as an alternative to a dinner candle on the table. Our little bear and skep stands 7cm tall, the beautifully detailed small pinecone is 5cm and the hedgehog approx. 3cm. All pure beeswax of course!

Mini snowman candle, 100% beeswax blocks

What do you call a group of snowmen? We don’t know, but a gathering of these little guys make a lovely display for Christmas and can fill a room with their warm honey scent. Tealight sized, but much more fun! Pure beeswax blocks have so many uses from surfboard wax to wax melts (no artificial fragrances needed!).

We can also provide 100% beeswax for your own projects – from 25g to 1kg, just ask what we have available. As we don’t use chemicals on our hives, this is as natural as you can get.

Duck and Wise Owl

Votive sized in our pure Hampshire beeswax. Can be used with the Little box of love. Celebrate a new baby or exam success, as a gift or on a cake.


Perfect gift for the knitter, knotter or sailor in your life. Pure beeswax, honey scented and clean burning. Also fits the Little box of love.

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