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We do not currently operate as a shop, but if you would like to purchase any of our products, please contact us. Everything available for collection or standard Royal Mail delivery.
Our Hampshire Honeys are also stocked by Westlands Farm Shop in Wickham.
Please note: We re-use outer packaging, (including bubble-wrap) we have received, to reduce waste.

September 2021 – Honey is a rare commodity this year, thanks to the poor weather over the summer. We have decided to only stock 227g and 340g jars as a result.

July 2021 – SOLD OUT! Just waiting for the bees to do their thing and let us restock soon!

February 2021 – We are happy to post our products for standard Royal Mail charges whilst Covid restrictions apply. We are also very low on stocks of our 2020 honey now. When it’s gone, it’s gone until the bees let us have some more.

November 2020 – We are providing a Covid-safe collection service. Pay securely from home, or contactless on collection and your order will be packed and ready to pick up at an agreed time.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of our products.

Hampshire Honey 454gNot available
Hampshire Honey 340g£6.75
Hampshire Honey 227g£6
Hampshire Honey 114g Not available
Honey from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton 227g light refreshing flavour. Includes 25p charity donation.£6.25
Hampshire Chunk Honey 227g (Contains a piece of honeycomb)Back soon
New Forest Heather Honey 227gBack soon
New Forest Heather Honey 114gBack soon
Cut comb Hampshire Honey 227g min Not available
Little taste of lemon infused honey 114g limited stock, lovely for baking, drinks etc£4.50
Little taste of orange infused honey 114g limited stock, for baking or instead of marmalade£4.50
Little taste of ginger infused honey 114g limited stock, baking, drinks, meat glazes…£4.50
Little taste of chilli honey 114g limited stock, hot sweet stuff!Back soon
Little taste of Christmas infused honey 114g SOLD OUTBack soon
Beeswax Products
Beeswax wrap mug-hugger (covers a mug or glass of left-over liquids)£2
Beeswax food wraps S (snack sized)£3
Beeswax food wraps M (sandwich/cheese block sized)£6
Beeswax food wraps L (covers a bowl or plate)£9
Beeswax food wraps XL (perfect for an artisan loaf of bread)£12
Environmentally-friendly Beeswax polish in compostable container (turpentine free)£6
Toes and Nose balm. Natural beeswax skin soother for pets. 70ml in compostable push up container. Suitable for dogs, cats, horses and poultry! NEW PRODUCT FOR 2020!£8
Pet pamper pack – 227g Hampshire Honey, Toes and Nose balm, ball of roses candle, cocktail recipe£17
Honey gift pack 2x 227g honey of your choice, in cardboard presentation carrier with dipper and bow. Made to orderSOLD OUT
Honey gift box – your selection from 114g honey of choice, candles, wraps, polish or toes and nose balm in windowed presentation box with dipper and bow. Made to ordervarious from £12
Honegar 100ml£4
1000 piece jigsaw “Where’s the Queen?” or “Pollen with love”£24
Candles: (heights are approximate)
Hearts – love, kiss, present, rose cushion (4.5cm dia)£3
Ball of roses (4.5cm ball, approx)£3
Little box of love (LBOL) -2 heart candles of choice with selection of tissue colours£7
Little box of love (LBOL) – single ball of roses in tissue colour of your choice£4
Tealights, bag of 5£3
Bear and skep 7cm£4.50
Honeycomb & bees pillar 9.5cm£5.50
Large pine cone 7.5cm£5.50
Hen 8cm£5.50
Sheep 5cm£5.50
Lamb 3.5cm£1.30
Skep with bees 5cm£4.20
Knot 5cm * £4.20
Textured skep with bees 4.5cm *£3.50
Rubber duck * 5cm£2.80
Rabbit * 8cm£2.50
Hedgehog * 3cm£2.30
Owl * 5cm£2.50
Teddy bear * 5.5cm (can fit 2 in LBOL)£2.50
Small pine cone 5cm *£3
Snowman * (can fit 4 in LBOL)£2
Dinner candle 14cm x 22mm£3.50
Dinner candle 24cm x 22mm£4.50
Dinner candle 30cm x 18mm£4.50
Church candle 22cm x 6cm (made to order)£25
Cylinder candle 21cm x 4.5cm (made to order)£20
25g wax block / wax melt£1
Bulk beeswax /kg£14
Little Box of Love (for candles marked *) with tissue paper (all biodegradable/compostable)£1

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