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For swarm collection in the Fareham area please phone 07766 525963, or visit the British Beekeepers Association swarm page for details of collectors in your area (postcode search)

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  1. I wonder if you could offer me some advice. I live in Fareham and have what looks to be a beehive in the vent to my ground floor kitchen. I live in a terraced house and it looks as though the bees are nesting in the cavity wall between my neighbour and I. The vent leads into my kitchen and I have a plastic cover in the inside of the vent. I can hear the bees on the other side and when I go out of my house I have the bees flying around my head. Can you advise what I can do. I don’t want to harm the bees but am concerned that they will try to protect their nest. I can’t open my windows and the bees fly around me when I go in and out of my house. Any advice you could offer would be much appreciated. Best wishes Patricia


    1. Hello Patricia
      Usually, bees will only attack if they feel threatened, such as if you were to go and tap on the vent where they are. Otherwise they will generally leave people well alone. Once they are in the cavity wall, however, there are very few options left to you I’m afraid, if they are bumble bees and there are lots of different types of bumbles, then they will die out naturally at the end of the summer when it starts to get colder and when the activity stops, put insect mesh over or behind the vent so that they cannot get in again. However, if they are honey bees they could stay there for years, and whilst they do not damage property (unlike wasps) they will become a nuisance and the nest will grow over the years. Unfortunately, the only thing that you can then do is to get someone in to destroy them as it is impossible to get them out of the cavity. All swarm collectors are only insured to collect bees out in the open as our bee insurance does not cover us for building work!
      Hope that this helps


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